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Owner FAQs

How do I change my address?
Please download and complete the form below and follow instructions on the form for submitting. Change of Address Form

Documentation requirements for Change in Ownership

How can I obtain a copy of my lease or a legal description of my interest?
Halcόn requires a signed letter that includes the owner name, owner number, county, and state where property is located to obtain a copy of your lease or a legal description of your interest. Please include your daytime phone number including area code and social security number for verification. Please mail or email your request to the appropriate address on the Owner Relations Contacts page.

When will I get paid on a newly drilled well?
Please review your lease documents. Generally, it takes 90 days from the date of first production to receive a payment. Please note that you must sign and return your Division Order before you can start receiving payment. The appropriate address can be found on the Owner Relations Contacts page.

What is the purpose of my "Owner Number?"
You have been assigned an exclusive owner number to distinguish you from other interest owners. When communicating with Halcón, please include your owner number.

Why haven’t I received my check?
The most common reason is because your account has not reached your minimum pay status. Occasionally, payments are held due to matters which create uncertainty as to ownership, such as a notice of death, change of address, transfer of property, assignment of interest or legal dispute. Payments due are accumulated and released when the matter affecting ownership has been resolved. Inquiries regarding suspense balances must be communicated in writing to the appropriate address located on the Owner Relations Contacts page.

What should I do if my check is lost, stolen, or older than 180 days?
Please allow 10 business days before reporting a royalty check missing. If your check is stolen, contact Halcón Resources immediately at our toll-free number: 1-855-538-0599.

Any check greater than six months should be marked VOID and sent back to Halcón at the appropriate address located on the Owner Relations Contacts page. We will reissue the check on our next revenue check run once the check is received.

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